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We are totally independent Uk education advisors and work for the international students’ behalf. We encourage students to choose the best of their point of view giving them all available information pieces to choose the best courses and institutions. We give unbiased advice keeping in mind the student’s needs and what works best for the student.

Top courses: Study MBA in the UK

UK MBA is still the top demanded course among international students and more international students choose UK MBA for its unique feature. The biggest advantage of studying an MBA in the UK is that they offer a 1-year MBA program and as a result, you can easily save the cost. The top institutes that offer MBA programs in the United Kingdom are the University of Oxford, London Business School, and the University of Cambridge. The UK is considered as one of the most expensive study destinations for its rich cultural tradition. To pursue an MBA course from any good university can cost between £25000 -£50000. There are also less expensive MBA offered by some universities and affiliated colleges’ business schools and scholarship opportunities available.

UK education & English: What is IELTS?

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System, this is one of the most globally accepted English Proficiency Test, which almost every other person going overseas has to appear for. this test helps establish the fact that you can understand as well as speak fluent English, which is a necessary aspect when you are applying to go to an English-speaking country.  Now the IELTS exam can be divided into two types, viz. Academic & General. They are essentially the same IELTS tests, just the purpose of taking the test & a little of the syllabus changes. Where the Academic IELTS is taken for the purposes of finishing higher studies in some good University Overseas, General IELTS is usually taken by people wishing to go abroad to finish their secondary education, to get work experience, or to migrate temporarily. IELTS is divided into 4 sections and tested on each section: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing.

What is Tier 4 student visa & its main requirements?

Currently, all international students from Non-EU & EEA countries must obtain a student visa called tier 4 period to come to the UK for studies ( there are some exceptions for whom undertaking course below one year. 

Please check in the official website for the latest and updated information: )

Students must have considered the following information to obtain a  tier 4 visa successfully:

  • A Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from your institution

  • Maintenance funds of £9,135 for 28 consecutive days prior to the application (It is £11,385 if your university or institution inside the London)

  • English - IELTS certificate or other recognized certificate to demonstrate students level of English language skills – There are few exceptions if your university accept based on your previous study & language skill)


  • Current Visa fees: £348 for the application applying from overseas

  • Additional fees: Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) of £300/year (Check your length of the course)

  • TB test result from the UK approved centers in your country to prove your health condition

  • If students coming to study for postgraduate level ( Level 7) can bring their dependents ( application can be submitted at the same time when the main applicant applies for their Tier 4 visa)