The UK is reintroducing the post-education work rights to international students. These work rights will be valid for two years post-graduation. It is a great opportunity for students to graduate in 2020/2021. The government launched the world’s largest genetics research project and during their announcement, they focused on their need for experts, especially in the field of STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math subjects. The new immigration rule was launched as a part of this announcement with the expectations of getting the required expertise. According to the official government statement, this PSW visa will be offered to students who have finished their undergraduate or higher studies from a UK higher education university. The new rule is expected to serve as an advantage to the students. It also puts out the UK as a striking place for education with great opportunities after school education. Thus, this visa is expected to appeal to a huge lot of bright minds

Post Study visa in the UK (Reintroducing in September 2021)