Professional Courses

Career-based qualifications


The UK provides a comprehensive choice of work-related qualifications in a wide variety of occupational categories, and at several different levels.

These range from first qualifications for school-leavers to more advanced qualifications such as undergraduate diplomas.

Other vocational qualifications

The City & Guilds Institute is a well-established vocational assessment and awarding body, offering nationally recognised qualifications. City & Guilds qualifications cover all areas of industry and commerce and include qualifications within the NVQ scheme at all levels.

Professional qualifications

Many business and professional areas will have an organisation or body that will represent professionals working in many of these areas. They often provide accreditation in that sector and a means of credibility, as well as financial help, access to specialist resources, advice, networking opportunities, international links and other types of support. Most relevantly, as well as often accrediting programmes, they can also provide sector-specific qualifications.

It is suggested that if you know that you want to pursue a career in a specific area, it is a good idea to check with the relevant UK professional body (or the equivalent professional body in your own country, if there is one) what (if any) professional accreditation is necessary.

Examples of UK professional bodies include the: